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  • How to Stop Spam Calls — Protecting Our Seniors

    Nov 6, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    When it comes to consumer protection, our country has let too many of our seniors down, especially when it comes to blocking spam calls. Spam calls are an annoyance for everyone, but for seniors, they can be particularly harmful. According to the National Council on Aging, elder financial abuse costs seniors an estimated $2.9 billion annually.

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  • The Future of America: A Common-Sense Vision

    Jul 7, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    As we stand at the crossroads of American history, the soul of our country is under attack. We are facing generational defining challenges that will shape the trajectory of the future of America. Our overseas adversaries, reminiscent of the strategies seen during the era of the Soviet Union, continue to threaten the American dream. At home, we face challenges that threaten both the urban areas and rural regions of the u.s. economy: out-of-control illegal immigration, a growing drug crisis, stagnant inflation, increasing crime, and persistent homelessness in our cities.

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  • Photo: The Norwegian company 1X Technologies expects to launch its Neo robot (left) in 2023. The American robotics company Figure is working on its Figure 01 humanoid robot (right) - 1X Technologies/Figure

    Will Robots Take My Job?

    Jul 3, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    Artificial Intelligence and robotics are rapidly evolving industries and technologies, raising the question: “Will robots take my job?” I’ve explored this question for almost a decade. I held the first congressional hearing on artificial intelligence (AI) in 2015, I wrote the U.S. national strategy for AI that was signed into law in 2020, and since being out of government I’ve both advised and served on the boards of companies on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence.

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  • Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, 1992

    What Does AI Stand For? AI for Dummies

    Jan 24, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    The term AI is an abbreviation for artificial intelligence a field in computer science that refers to computers or machines being able to simulate human intelligence to perform tasks or solve problems. Within our lifetimes, artificial intelligence (AI) will have altered our world more significantly and faster than any other technology since the discovery of electricity.

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  • Will Hurd Dalle Image

    Bridging the Digital Divide

    Dec 20, 2022 | By Will Hurd

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    Potentially half of the United States of America lacks access to high-speed Internet. We should care about this sobering and embarassing stat because the lack of access to broadband Internet has a direct impact on job opportunities and economic growth. The lowest broadband access and usage are in U.S. counties with the highest rates of unemployment.

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  • Will Hurd Cyber Dall-e Image

    The Open Internet is Over

    Jul 13, 2022 | By Will Hurd

    The technological change we have seen in the last forty years has been astonishing. Consider the Internet: In the 1980s to download a 5 MB file we had to get the approval of everyone in the house to use a 2400 Baud modem, because it would tie up the landline for 5 hours. In the 2020s, we can use artificial intelligence to generate high quality images in seconds or watch a movie on a computer we carry in our pockets – a smart phone.

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  • Typewriter - Why is tech importantly Will Hurd

    Why is Tech Important?

    Jan 17, 2022 | By Will Hurd

    I got a Commodore 64 computer in 1985 when I was eight years old. My Uncle Steve was upgrading to a Commodore 128 so he gave my brother, sister and me his old computer. I spent a lot of time playing Oregon Trail on that computer, but when it inevitably broke down I would have to go real old school and use a typewriter to do my homework when I was in middle school. Yes, I said a typewriter.

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  • Facebook logo blurred out


    Oct 11, 2021 | By Will Hurd

    “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls,” was a statement from a 2019 research report produced by Facebook on the impacts of Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) on teen mental health. This is just one of the many items we learned from the documents and testimony provided by a Facebook whistleblower to the Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes and Congress. Less than a week later, in countries all over the world for six hours people couldn’t talk to loved ones, conduct business or – in places like Afghanistan and Syria – coordinate travel to escape life or death situations due to a Facebook outage that also took down Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger (all also owned by Facebook).Then during the aforementioned congressional hearings, elected officials demonstrated their lack of understanding of technology that has been around for almost two decades. 

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