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  • How to Stop Spam Calls — Protecting Our Seniors

    Nov 6, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    When it comes to consumer protection, our country has let too many of our seniors down, especially when it comes to blocking spam calls. Spam calls are an annoyance for everyone, but for seniors, they can be particularly harmful. According to the National Council on Aging, elder financial abuse costs seniors an estimated $2.9 billion annually.

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  • The Future of America: A Common-Sense Vision

    Jul 7, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    As we stand at the crossroads of American history, the soul of our country is under attack. We are facing generational defining challenges that will shape the trajectory of the future of America. Our overseas adversaries, reminiscent of the strategies seen during the era of the Soviet Union, continue to threaten the American dream. At home, we face challenges that threaten both the urban areas and rural regions of the u.s. economy: out-of-control illegal immigration, a growing drug crisis, stagnant inflation, increasing crime, and persistent homelessness in our cities.

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  • Photo: The Norwegian company 1X Technologies expects to launch its Neo robot (left) in 2023. The American robotics company Figure is working on its Figure 01 humanoid robot (right) - 1X Technologies/Figure

    Will Robots Take My Job?

    Jul 3, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    Artificial Intelligence and robotics are rapidly evolving industries and technologies, raising the question: “Will robots take my job?” I’ve explored this question for almost a decade. I held the first congressional hearing on artificial intelligence (AI) in 2015, I wrote the U.S. national strategy for AI that was signed into law in 2020, and since being out of government I’ve both advised and served on the boards of companies on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence.

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  • Immigration News You Aren’t Getting

    Apr 20, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    As a former congressman who represented the single largest southern border district, and a former overseas CIA officer, I’ve been dealing with threats to our homeland security and Americans’ well being for my entire adult life. Dealing with border security and addressing the rising number of undocumented immigrants crossing our borders – while getting increasingly complicated – just needs common sense to fix it.

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  • New Cold War Between U.S. and China Explained

    The New Cold War: China vs. U.S.

    Apr 5, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    In today’s rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, understanding the intricacies of global politics is more important than ever. This exclusive excerpt is from an interview conducted at the recent Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TCRA) event in Fort Worth, Texas on March 24, 2023. TSCRA Vice President Carl Ray Polk sits down with me to discuss a topic that has captured the attention of the world – the new cold war with China.

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  • Photo: My sister, brother, and I (seated) celebrating with my mom.

    5 Essential Leadership Principles for Success in Everything

    Mar 9, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    I’ve always been and will always be a momma’s boy. Mary Alice Hurd wore many hats — a department store buyer, master seamstress, puppet maker, cosmetologist, beauty supply owner, and beauty school director. But her favorite role was being a mom, not just to her three wild kids, but to everyone she met. My mom joined her Heavenly Father on March 1, 2023, and while those who loved her will no longer get to enjoy her physical presence, we can try to live every day by the leadership principles she taught us to be better people.

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  • Laptop Image

    Why is Cybersecurity Important?

    Jan 10, 2023 | By Will Hurd

    The Internet is full of threats that could harm your computers, mobile devices, tablets, or other connected products. It’s important to understand how these threats work so you can keep yourself safe online, prevent data breaches and be protected from a cyber attack.

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  • Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park

    How Many National Parks Are There?

    Dec 29, 2022 | By Will Hurd

    8 min read

    When it comes to the question of how many national parks there are in the US, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. It all depends on what you mean by “national park.” In this blog, we’ll dive into the different definitions and explain why the answer isn’t so simple.

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  • Will Hurd Writing American Reboot

    American Reboot: Bridging CIA Books and Political Books

    Mar 27, 2022 | By Will Hurd

    I’ve snuck into a terrorist training camp to conduct reconnaissance, almost got pulled out of a car and beaten to death by a mob, and my name has been on a ballot for public election eight different times. In all of these situations, I had a feeling of nervousness because I didn’t know the outcome of the situation I was in. I’m experiencing a similar feeling on the eve of my first book American Reboot being released into the wild.

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  • Us Embassy Kabul

    Excerpt: “American Reboot”

    Mar 14, 2022 | By Will Hurd

    I’m a former member of Congress, cybersecurity executive, and officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. “American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done” is my first book.

    American Reboot” is a classic American story and a blueprint to build a future based on the shared values that have solved the challenges of the past.

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  • For Some, The Fight is Not Over

    Nov 8, 2021 | By Will Hurd

    According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs there are about nineteen million American veterans, representing between six and seven percent of the entire population. They range in age from 112-year-old, World War II veteran Mr. Lawrence Brooks to the almost ten thousand young men and women who aren’t even twenty years old yet.

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  • Will Hurd is writing the book

    So I’m Writing This Book…

    Aug 2, 2021 | By Will Hurd

    I never thought I would write a book. I never thought I would run for Congress or be in the CIA either. However, my mother has always told me that you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

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