House lawmakers introduce bipartisan border bill

In conversation with Elizabeth Vargas on Elizabeth Vargas Reports about the border crisis.

A Firearm-Owning Republican’s Solutions for Gun Violence

Op-Ed in the The Atlantic about real solutions to stopping gun violence.

Border Migrant Encounters

Talking about the debt ceiling, immigration, the border and 2024 on CNN This Morning.

Will Hurd Arms crossed iHeart radio logo

Media orgs. under pressure to give back Pulitzer Prizes won for bogus Trump/Russia reporting

Discussing giving back the Pulitzer Prizes awarded for Trump/Russia reporting

Full Hurd: Many elected officials are ‘lazy’ on border solutions

Discussing former President Trump’s popularity in the 2024 race amid his compounding “baggage,” immigration reform, national security and more on Meet the Press.

The Debt Ceiling, Gun Violence, and Immigration

In conversation with Major Garrett on CBS News talking the fight about the debt ceiling, gun reform, and immigration.

Southern Border braces for migrant surge as Title 42 ends

On MSNBC The 11th Hour discussing Title 42 ending and how the border will prepare for a migrant surge.

Gun Reform and Immigration

In conversation with Julie Mason on the border and gun reform.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Discussing Artificial Intelligence and technology on One Nation w/ Brian Kilmeade

Immigration and the Border Crisis

Discussing Immigration and the Border Crisis on CNN “This Morning”

Biden’s age is not a ‘winning issue for Republicans’

Discussing how age may be an issue in the 2024 election on ABC’s “This Week”.

Border crossings at a breaking point

In conversation with Brian Kilmeade on border control.

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