Better Together

I don’t care who you are, where you live, where you grew up, or who you voted for in the last election — you have the same goals as everybody else:

  • To put food on your table
  • To have a roof over your head
  • To ensure that the people you love are healthy, happy and safe
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The GOP can't be the party of the past. We need to be the party of the future.

Will Hurd

Why I'm Running

I’m running for President because our country is facing once in a generation problems right now.

But instead of talking about seizing our destiny, we’re complaining about the past. The Republican Party can and should be the party of the future.


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Prize for Civility in Public Life

We need a forward-looking leader who is willing to tackle the most pressing issues facing our nation like:

  • Safety in our cities and communities amid the drug addiction crisis and rising crime
  • Persistent inflation and the future of our American economy

The American dream seems less like reality with each passing day.

So many of my opponents are more concerned with Disney than kitchen table issues. Too embroiled in the latest scandal to deal with real problems we all face as Americans.

They should be asking things like:

  • How can we ensure our children have access to world class education and are safe in their classrooms?
  • How are we going to address inflation and the fact technologies like artificial intelligence are going to upend every industry?
  • How are we going to stay competitive with China to guarantee America remains the number one global superpower?

These are the things we should be talking about.

But most of all, we need to recognize we are better together.

We need to be finding common ground on the issues that matter most. The GOP can’t just be the party of “no.” I’m jumping in the race because we need to be the party of solutions.

So Here's My Promise

  1. I will run a campaign you can be proud of. A campaign that doesn’t embarrass you for supporting me.
  2. I’m going to tell it like it is, and trust in the wisdom and strength of the American people.
  3. I’m going to work to bring back the Republican ideals we were raised with: Respect for the individual. Fiscal responsibility. The power of free markets.

Maybe you feel like the Republican party left you behind. Or it changed, and has become so filled with hate. And you’re tired of it.

If that’s you, then join me. Join our mailing list to stay up to date. Make a donation of at least $1 to help the campaign meet debate requirements.

I won’t spam you. I won’t sell your information.

But I need you. America needs you. And the Republican party needs you most of all.

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If fringe Republicans were more interested in defeating war criminals like Vladimir Putin than hurting our friends in the LGBTQ community, then we would be better off as a country.

Will Hurd, on how distractions are keeping our country divided

Will Hurd Speaks

Border Security

Border nuances must be respected

Every mile of the border is different from every other mile

GOP Growth

We have to grow the GOP

I want Republican wins, and that means we need to grow

Protecting Democracy

We take democracy for granted

We need everyone to show up and vote

Border Security

What about the Northern Border?

People keep coming through our northern border illegally

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Voters want a candidate “Who’s not a jerk”

Will Hurd: “The RNC Should Be Offended By Donald Trump’s Behaviour”

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What the GOP should be talking about instead of Trump

Discussing the issues being ignored while we debate the indictment on CNN This Morning

Debt ceiling ‘circus’ has long-term ramifications

Discussing the debt ceiling fight and the long-term ramifications on “CUOMO”

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America has become an exceptional nation not because of what we have taken but because of what we have given.

Will Hurd, Republican Presidential Candidate

About Will

Will Hurd has spent the past 20 years on the front lines of the most pressing fights facing our nation, in the Middle East, Congress, and the highest levels of business and tech.

Will has spent his life fighting for our country, and he will take those decades of experience with him as he fights for all us.

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Don't be a jerk, racist, mysogynist or homophobe.

Will Hurd, Republican Presidential Candidate

The Choice We Face

In this election, we have a choice. We can continue down the path of divisive politics and short-term thinking, or we can choose a new direction.

We can choose a future that is grounded in common sense, that prioritizes the needs of the American people, and that builds on our strengths as a nation.

Together, we can make this vision a reality.

Together, we can create an America that thrives on innovation, that provides opportunities for all, and that leads the world not just in power, but in principle.

What do we agree on?

Believe it's important to protect free speech
Believe college education is important for success
Support the development of alternative energy sources
Believe it is essential to maintain Social Security
Support background checks for all gun buyers
Believe that LGBTQ+ individuals should have equal rights
Say it is important for the country to do more regarding race inequality
Are unhappy with the current US economy
Believe the federal government doesn't share enough information
Are concerned about pollution of drinking water
Believe the nation's infrastructure is in need of major repairs
Believe that access to affordable housing is a problem
Allegheny College

Prize for Civility in Public Life


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