• Would China & Russia Attack Hawaii?

    Feb 07, 2023. | By Will Hurd

    The short answer is: Not in the near future. The long answer is: It’s something we should be actively gameplanning for. Both China and Russia have been expanding their military capabilities in the broader Indo-Pacific region. U.S. military leaders have repeatedly warned about the potential for Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-directed aggression in the Indo-Pacific and our Japanese allies have warned of an attack on Hawaii.

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  • An Artificial Intelligence Definition for Dummies

    Jan 24, 2023. | By Will Hurd

    The term artificial intelligence describes a field in computer science that refers to computers or machines being able to simulate human intelligence to perform tasks or solve problems. Within our lifetimes, artificial intelligence (AI) will have altered our world more significantly and faster than any other technology since the discovery of electricity.

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  • Russia, Ukraine, Putin: Why Americans Should Care in 2023

    Jan 19, 2023. | By Will Hurd

    Americans should continue to care about Russia, Ukraine & Putin because they have the potential to impact our economy, our security, and our future. The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces under the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin is a complex geopolitical issue that has far-reaching consequences.

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  • Why is Cybersecurity Important?

    Jan 10, 2023. | By Will Hurd

    The Internet is full of threats that could harm your computers, mobile devices, tablets, or other connected products. It’s important to understand how these threats work so you can keep yourself safe online, prevent data breaches and be protected from a cyber attack.

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  • How Many National Parks Are There?

    Dec 29, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    8 min read

    When it comes to the question of how many national parks there are in the US, the answer isn't as straightforward as you might imagine. It all depends on what you mean by "national park." In this blog, we'll dive into the different definitions and explain why the answer isn't so simple.

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  • Bridging the Digital Divide

    Dec 20, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    6 min read

    Potentially half of the United States of America lacks access to high-speed Internet. We should care about this sobering and embarassing stat because the lack of access to broadband Internet has a direct impact on job opportunities and economic growth. The lowest broadband access and usage are in U.S. counties with the highest rates of unemployment.

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  • Why Is Taiwan Important to the US?

    Dec 07, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    9 min read

    Taiwan is a critical partner to the United States for multiple reasons. Economically, the US and Taiwan are top 10 trading partners, with bilateral trade reaching $114 billion in 2021. Taiwan is also one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced semiconductors. These critical components are in every electronic device and system, and Taiwan plays a key role in global supply chains for them.

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  • How a Debt Ceiling Debate Could Make the U.S. Economy Worse

    Nov 22, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    9 min read

    If the debt ceiling issue isn't resolved before the end of the year, it will be significantly harder to solve it if it’s punted into 2023. We cannot spend more money than we take in nor make interest payments forever without paying down our national debt. Fiscal responsibility is a precondition for a strong economy, and continuing on this path is a national security risk.


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  • Appropriations 101: How Congress Funds the Government

    Nov 21, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    5 min read

    The budget and appropriations cycle in the U.S. Congress is a complex and often unpredictable process that involves multiple actors, stages, and deadlines. Here is a simplified overview of the main steps:

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  • The One Thing to Do If You Didn’t Love Your Choices on Election Day

    Nov 04, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    4 min read

    The good news: the turnout in the 2022 election was higher than usual for a midterm election. People showed up even though midterm elections have historically low participation compared to presidential cycles. Our last midterms in 2018 had the highest voter turnout for a non-presidential contest in over one hundred years.

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