• Why is Tech Important?

    Jan 17, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    I got a Commodore 64 computer in 1985 when I was eight years old. My Uncle Steve was upgrading to a Commodore 128 so he gave my brother, sister and me his old computer. I spent a lot of time playing Oregon Trail on that computer, but when it inevitably broke down I would have to go real old school and use a typewriter to do my homework when I was in middle school. Yes, I said a typewriter.  

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  • It’s Time for An American Reboot

    Jan 03, 2022. | By Will Hurd

    What the heck is a Goth? That’s a question that I’m sure was frequently asked in Rome in 476 AD -- the year the Western Roman Empire fell after more than half a millenium of being the most powerful empire on the planet. The Goths, one of several Germanic tribes considered to be marauding barbarians, had been invading the Western Roman Empire on and off since the middle of the 3rd Century. 

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  • The New Cold War with the Chinese Government

    Dec 20, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    The Geopolitical Struggle for Leadership in Advanced Technology will determine whether the 21st Century Stays the American Century

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  • Culture Wars Will Prevent Us from Winning a New Cold War

    Dec 06, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    Kyle Rittenhouse is neither a white supremacist nor a hero -- he is a naive kid who should have stayed at home and let the national guard and the Kenosha police protect other people’s property. A jury of his peers finding that his use of his weapon was self-defense was the right decision, but that doesn’t change that for the rest of his life Rittenhouse is going to have to live with the fact that he was responsible for the deaths of two people, even if it was self-defense.

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  • How to Have a Joyful Thanksgiving

    Nov 22, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    As we approach this Thanksgiving, many people feel that they don’t have that much to be thankful for because of this uniquely challenging time.

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  • For Some, The Fight is Not Over

    Nov 08, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs there are about nineteen million American veterans, representing between six and seven percent of the entire population. They range in age from 112-year-old, World War II veteran Mr. Lawrence Brooks to the almost ten thousand young men and women who aren’t even twenty years old yet.  

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  • The Cuban Missile Crisis Could Happen Again

    Oct 25, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    Fifty-nine years ago this month, the world came the closest it has ever been to a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There are learnings from this period that are applicable to situations in the world right now, but they aren’t being applied. During those 13+ days in 1962 when the U.S. became aware of the presence of Russian missiles on the island nation of Cuba that could strike any city in America

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  • Techlash

    Oct 11, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls,” was a statement from a 2019 research report produced by Facebook on the impacts of Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) on teen mental health. This is just one of the many items we learned from the documents and testimony provided by a Facebook whistleblower to the Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes and Congress. Less than a week later, in countries all over the world for six hours people couldn’t talk to loved ones, conduct business or - in places like Afghanistan and Syria - coordinate travel to escape life or death situations due to a Facebook outage that also took down Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger (all also owned by Facebook).Then during the aforementioned congressional hearings, elected officials demonstrated their lack of understanding of technology that has been around for almost two decades. 

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  • Foreign Policy is Not Foreign

    Sep 27, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    The Haitian Immigrant Crisis on our Southern border is a reminder that foreign policy is not foreign. This current crisis is a bit different from previous ones originating from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, because in this case you have nationals from one country (the Haitians) attempting to come to the United States from another country (Chile, Columbia, Panama), where they have been living for many years. One commonality with this current crisis and the others is that it’s the drug cartels’ human smuggling networks that are lying to vulnerable and desperate people and moving them over thousands of oftentimes treacherous miles. 

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  • The Politics of Climate Change

    Sep 15, 2021. | By Will Hurd

    Over one million people lost power in Louisiana recently because of its fourth natural disaster in twelve months. Texas was shut down for a week because of winter storms. People were dying in the Pacific Northwest because it was too hot in the summer and the West Coast seems like it’s perpetually on fire. I had the opportunity recently to meet someone who put all this stuff in context for me. Katherine Hayhoe, a climatologist and Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy, taught me that to care about climate change you don’t have to be a certain type of person, you just have to be human.

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