My vote against impeachment

Did Trump bungle a series of foreign policy decisions? Absolutely.

But he didn’t break the law.

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Felony charges against Trump under the Espionage Act
Convictions so far for January 6 Insurrection
Times Trump was impeached
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Will, it’s like you broke up with ten million people all at once.

Lynlie Wallace Hurd, Wife

I had hoped Lynlie was exaggerating her opinion on the response to the speech I had just given on the final day of the Intelligence Committee’s November 2019 hearings on the first impeachment of President Donald Trump. I was seen by both sides and the media, as the Republican most likely to vote for impeachment, which would have opened the door for other Republicans to do the same.

But I said no.

I had expertise in national security, and I was one of the few people on either side of the political aisle who was seeking facts rather than pushing a predetermined position.

After questioning witnesses, reviewing documents, consulting legal minds across the country, and sitting through hundreds of hours of depositions, I determined there was no evidence to warrant a vote for impeachment.

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An impeachable offense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear, and unambiguous, and it is not something to be rushed or taken lightly. I have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion.

WILL HURD, final day ot the hearing

With that statement, and my vote against impeachment in the House, I crushed the hopes of Trump opponents across the country. And Lynlie, my wife, was right, social media exploded.

To be clear — I was open to voting for impeachment if I saw a violation of the law. That was my standard for impeachment.

But I wouldn’t vote for impeachment because I disliked what President Trump said in the call. And I wasn’t going to support impeachment because I disagreed with the president on other issues — which I did.

What brought me to vote against impeachment were the facts. Based on my definition of impeachment, a crime had to be proven.

The necessary elements of a bribe in a court of law weren’t in that phone call where the president asked for help in gathering information on alleged misdeeds by Joe Biden and Biden’s son Hunter.

In the years of Trump’s presidency, Republicans lost the House, Senate, and the White House

The tale of President Donald Trump’s first impeachment came to a close on February 5, 2020, when the Senate decided to acquit him.

With a vote of 52-48, the Senate acquitted the President of abuse of power, and by a vote of 53-47, he was acquitted of obstruction of Congress.

Reflecting on the impeachment saga, it can seem complex. There were daily updates, numerous individuals involved, and unfamiliar congressional procedures.

The facts never changed. The politics never did, either.

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I voted against the Trump impeachment. I didn’t see evidence that laws were being broken. I was being consistent.

Will Hurd

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I didn't support the impeachment of Obama

I had developed my standard of impeachment under President Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama. Over the course of the Obama presidency, I was approached several times by Republican colleagues and vocal constituents about supporting efforts to try to impeach President Obama.

Their justifications for impeachment were the 2012 Benghazi attack — the assault on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya — as well as the president’s executive orders regarding immigration.

There was even talk about launching an impeachment over the insane and erroneous claims that President Obama was born outside the United States.

I always said no, for the same reason I voted against the Trump impeachment. I didn’t see evidence that laws were being broken. I was being consistent.

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My 'video' matched my 'audio.'

WILL HURD, on being consistent

That’s an expression I’ve learned from my first chief of staff. What you say — your audio — has to match up with what you actually do — your video.

I based my work as a congressman on that principle, and I think it’s an important component of leadership.

We need to be ideologically consistent.

We need to do what we say.

American Reboot

An Idealist's Guide to Getting Big Things Done

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About the book

Will draws on his unique experiences in back alleys of dangerous places, boardrooms of international businesses, and the halls of Congress to lay out a detailed plan to “reboot America,” offering a fresh start to a country mired in political divides and internal strife.

Mike Yantis, Jr.
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Will Hurd tells a great story about his life and his experiences in the CIA, private business, and as a Congressman.

The book also serves as a playbook for like minded Republicans that want to transform the party from the extremes of Trump back to a solutions based party that actually gets things done.

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This is one of the best books I have ever read. Part personal story, part political analysis, but mainly just common sense thinking and analysis of solutions to problems.

Will Hurd is an amazing writer and person and I expect to see him do great things in the future.

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This was a great read. As someone who tends to identify as an Independent or moderate, I thought Mr. Hurd made some great points and offered thoughtful solutions.

I hope he considers a run for political office again, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

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A life long Republican I had lost hope that I would ever vote Republican again after the extremist views have taken over the party over the last 6 years.

This book covered all my values & concerns in a nuanced way that the majority of politicians today seem incapable of doing.

Hurd has the biography and the charisma and the God-given political chops to put the Republican Party — and the rest of the country — on notice.
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America has become an exceptional nation not because of what we have taken but because of what we have given.

Will Hurd

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June 18, 2023
New Cold War Between U.S. and China Explained
Will's op-ed in the The NH Journal about migration and border control.
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About Will

Will Hurd has spent the past 20 years on the front lines of the most pressing fights facing our nation, in the Middle East, Congress, and the highest levels of business and tech.

Will has spent his life fighting for our country, and he will take those decades of experience with him as he fights for all us.

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I dream of an America where we have the smartest kids in the world. Every child in the U.S., regardless of location or age, should have access to a safe, world-class education.


The choice we face

In every decision we make, we stand at a crossroads. The path of division and quick fixes is well-trodden, but it’s time we consider a different route – one paved with unity and foresight.

Imagine an America where common sense prevails, where policies are crafted with the people’s best interests at heart, and our collective strengths are the foundation of national progress.

This is more than a possibility. It’s a choice we can make right now. By coming together, we have the power to foster a nation that champions innovation, inclusivity, and integrity.

What do we agree on?

Believe it’s important to protect free speech
Believe college education is important for success
Support the development of alternative energy sources
Believe it is essential to maintain Social Security
Support background checks for all gun buyers
Believe that LGBTQ+ individuals should have equal rights
Say it is important for the country to do more regarding race inequality
Are unhappy with the current US economy
Believe the federal government doesn't share enough information
Are concerned about pollution of drinking water
Believe the nation's infrastructure is in need of major repairs
Believe that access to affordable housing is a problem
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