What is Will Hurd's Ethnicity?

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Ethnicity is a chapter in our story, not the entirety of our identity. Let's celebrate our differences while recognizing the shared values that bind us.

Will Hurd, Republican Candidate for President

What Ethnicity is Will Hurd?

I have a black father and a white mother.

When I was born, I failed to sustain respiration, a condition called asphyxia neonatorum. Explaining the alarm in the delivery room, the doctor said I had skin discoloration, but he failed to mention it was because of my lack of breathing.

My dad was on the road, and my mom, who had just delivered me by herself, yelled, “He’s half-Black!”

If my mom had frustrations about the prejudice she experienced when we were kids, she never communicated them to us.

Growing up, our mixed race was never an issue.

We were who we were.

I’m the son of Black father and white mother

I was born and raised in Texas.

My mother, Mary Alice Knapp, grew up in the small town of Alexandria, Indiana. Her parents divorced when my mom was in high school. And her mother, my grandma, moved to Los Angeles following the divorce.

My father, Bob Hurd grew up in Marshall, Texas, just over the state line from Louisiana in East Texas. In the early 1950s, he was one of the first Black salesmen for the American Tobacco Company, responsible for selling Lucky Strikes to gas stations and small grocery stores.

My folks met in Los Angeles and moved to San Antonio in 1971 a little over a year after getting married. When it was time to stop renting and buy their own house for their family of five, it took them almost a year to find a place.

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The Hurd Family
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Will Hurd’s Parents: Meet Robert and Mary Alice Hurd

Yesterday, my parents instilled Republican values within me. Today, I will champion those principles with unwavering resolve.

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America has become an exceptional nation not because of what we have taken but because of what we have given.

WILL HURD, Republican presidential candidate

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Hurd for America 2024
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About Will

Will Hurd has spent the past 20 years on the front lines of the most pressing fights facing our nation, in the Middle East, Congress, and the highest levels of business and tech.

Will has spent his life fighting for our country, and he will take those decades of experience with him as he fights for all us.

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Don't be a jerk, racist, misogynist or homophobe.

WILL HURD, Republican presidential candidate

The choice we face

In this election, we have a choice. We can continue down the path of divisive politics and short-term thinking, or we can choose a new direction.

We can choose a future that is grounded in common sense, that prioritizes the needs of the American people, and that builds on our strengths as a nation.

Together, we can make this vision a reality.

Together, we can create an America that thrives on innovation, that provides opportunities for all, and that leads the world not just in power, but in principle.

Believe it’s important to protect free speech
Believe college education is important for success
Support the development of alternative energy sources
Believe it is essential to maintain Social Security
Support background checks for all gun buyers
Believe that LGBTQ+ individuals should have equal rights
Say it is important for the country to do more regarding race inequality
Are unhappy with the current US economy
Believe the federal government doesn't share enough information
Are concerned about pollution of drinking water
Believe the nation's infrastructure is in need of major repairs
Believe that access to affordable housing is a problem
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You take responsibility for your actions and believe in personal responsibility


You help others and you're always quick to smile


You don't let a little hardship get in your way


You know that we're better together and you are ready to help
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