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The One Thing to Do If You Didn’t Love Your Choices on Election Day

Person depositing voting ballot

The good news: the turnout in the 2022 election was higher than usual for a midterm election. People showed up even though midterm elections have historically low participation compared to presidential cycles. Our last midterms in 2018 had the highest voter turnout for a non-presidential contest in over one hundred years.

A total of 49% of eligible voters voted in 2018 (more than 122 million people), compared to just 36% of eligible voters in 2014.

The bad news: Despite showing a deep commitment to exercising their civic duty, voters didn’t love their choices when they got into the voting booth. Oftentimes, people vote for the lesser of bad choices, or they vote against someone rather than FOR someone.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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